Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lots of New Stories

Working on a number of new stories. Will be putting another one out soon. Problem with me and writing, though, is I can't seem to get enough of the stories I'm writing, and I just want to keep on going and going. This might be a sign that I'm a novelist and not a short story writer. It might also be a sign that I just can't seem to end a story. Won't make them too long though. Have to keep my readers happy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Word Count in a Story is Pointless to Worry About

Except if you're story is a writing assignment in school, worrying about word count seems pointless to me now. And if your teacher or professor is assigning you to write a story that must be so many words in length, it shows that they probably have an inferior understanding of the art of good storytelling.

Telling stories is more about character than number of words used. When I was working on a house with a number of other builders back years ago, one of the main carpenters I was working with returned in his truck from a materials run and spoke these words as he came into the half-finished house: One of the twin towers was hit by an airplane. Minutes later he said again: The other tower was hit by an airplane too. Moments later he added: both towers have collapsed. He was getting all of his information from the radio in his truck, of course, but those three sentences were a more gripping story than any novel I've read. I was captured by it, as were many millions of people listening elsewhere, because I thought of the people in the towers, the people on the planes, the city of New York which I love, and the terrible people who must be behind these attacks. It wasn't the length of the piece or even the theme; it was the lives of the people, the character of the city that I knew, and the evil in the people's hearts that drove them to take so many lives and cause so much destruction.

When I start a story today, I don't ever shoot for a novel. I shoot for a short story, and if as I write it turns into a novel, then that is okay. If it resolves itself before then, then that's okay too. What I worry about now is whether or not I've done a good job telling it. Have I given the work enough character? Is it interesting?

Friday, October 16, 2015

REVOLTING (Final Title)

Wrote REVOLTING on Wednesday, a short story, and then did a bit of polishing on it on Thursday before publishing it. A strange story, not really a true story however (no plot). REVOLTING is more like a mood or a tone. I woke up Wednesday morning, preparing to chip away on Exiled (the sequel to TRANSFIGURED BY PASSION), and I found myself in that place between being awake and dreaming where not all of the senses are completely alert and the imagination tends to wander into realities that aren't true and probably aren't possible. Lots of frustrations in my life lately, I suppose I felt a little reluctant to do anything just waking up, although I knew I needed to work as I've got to eat and everything else money must buy. I suppose the part of the brain that figures out alternatives got a bit confused, and I saw my hands rebelling against my brain, refusing to write. This idea sort of transferred over into thoughts about men and masculinity and homosexuality (big leap for a girl, but I was tired and barely awake), and I thought, what if the man's mouth rebelled too? Yes, what if all of his body parts just rebelled and decided what they wanted to do themselves and turned on the brain. Naturally, if this were the truth about nature and reality, the mouth and its parts might instead decide upon waking that they would rather spend some quality time with the man's genitals. Then the whole sadomasochist bent I usually wander down suggested that it would be even more interesting if the man had never considered orally stimulating himself and was in fact repulsed by the idea of it and everything queer and/or homosexual. Yes, I could have taken this theme further, that the parts of the body, given their own minds, might have wishes completely contradictory to the one consciousness found in the human brain, and maybe I will in the future. But for now I just wanted to formulate the core of the idea, act it out in my mind at least, and get to know some of these different parts of his body and learn what they might think and feel about their existence and about each other and about sexuality.

So the piece is really just a bit of fun, a very quick read, and I hope a few laughs along with the other reasons my readers chose to read erotica. Sorry for the lack of a plot. If I do return to the subject again in the future, I promise I'll put a good bit more elbow grease into finding one. But for now I hope you will read the story and give me, perhaps, a little feedback on what you thought of it. Until then I'll be plugging away on a another piece. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Short Story: Revolt (or something along those lines)

Sat down and wrote a short story this morning. Will be publishing it to Amazon via Createspace and Kindle over the next couple of days. To put it as simply as I can, it's a fairly hilarious story about a guy who wakes one day to find that his conscious mind is no longer in control of his voluntary muscles; even his involuntary ones have been given a consciousnesses of their own. Each part of the man's body acquires their own individual personalities too, and together they hijack his life so to speak.

Don't want to give away too much. The story is targeted directly at a male gay audience. Gentlemen (and ladies) I hope I've done you all proud. I'll be publishing it individually as well as in a collection with all of my previous short stories.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How many words do you write in a day?

I remember when I first started writing that I asked myself the questions, "How many words should I write in a day? How many words do professional writers write in a day?" I asked myself these questions, of course, because I wanted a milemarker in my career that would indicate when I had moved from being a hack to being a competent writer. The first month that I sat down and became serious about writing something (I mark it as my first month only because I'm still here doing it four years later,) I only managed to write one thousand words. And it wasn't for a lack of trying either; three to six hours a day at my computer typing away, and after a month I only had a thousand words to show for it.

Today it's nothing for me to sit down and crank out a thousand words in an hour. But whether I produce a thousand words or ten thousand words in a writing session, what I've learned from my short time as an author is that numbers really don't matter so much anymore. Doing a word count now is usually more about consoling myself that I've put up a good fight. If I've manage to get out three thousands words in a morning, I can walk away from the keyboard feeling slightly less guilty that I didn't do better. While writing nothing at all in a day can leave me feeling cut off in a strange sort of way, like I'm not a writer at all anymore. I think it's because every day after I finish writing, every time I complete a story especially, I realize that I've improved somewhat. If I'm not writing, I'm not improving. And if I'm not improving, then I'm not approaching the climax of my abilities, the day that I write something that I'm truly happy with.

Then of course there's the fear that my latest day at the keyboard could be my last one ever if I died before I could return to it. Writing is a journey, I've realized, and the longer I've been on it, the more I suspect that someday I won't want it to come to an end. (I can imagine myself on my deathbed, ruing the day.)  So whatever number of words I output in a particular session doesn't really matter to me anymore. Only the awareness counts, the awareness that what I'm making is more finely crafted, more clever, more comical, more insightful than what I wrote yesterday, last week, last month, etc. I look at what I write these days only hoping it is a less crude piece of art than what I created previously, and slightly excited to have another go at it again tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Hello faithful reader! I want to apologize: ran into a bit of a snag last week and couldn't get MAN EATER published. Worked this Tuesday and Wednesday on it though, and it is now out and ready to read! Took some work getting it formatted for Createspace and Kindle! And then there was that snafu with One Drive and Word; highly recommend that you don't use the two together; it can be a thing of nightmares. So, dumped One Drive and went with Google Drive as my cloud storage, hopefully problem solved, and I never lose work again! Hope you read MAN EATER and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

I suppose you'd like to hear a little about the story though first. Well, MAN EATER is an urban fantasy. There's a bit of BDSM in it, but it mostly revolves around the relationship between a man and a woman and how the woman's insecurities about her husband's fantasy world leads them into this unnatural dilemma where they sort of trade places, their sexes, that is. However, it's not a simple switching of spirits or souls between bodies (not that that would be easy either,) but instead a gradual shift in their anatomy, like a metamorphosis (yes, I do tend to write about that sort of thing.) But it isn't even as simple as that, as neither of them are exactly a male once the shift is completed; they're both sort of sex-crazed women in the end, and it turns out their cursed, kind of like vampires, although they're not out for blood - much weirder than that. 

I don't want to give too much away, though. There's a lot more to it than this brief explanation, but at the same time, the plot isn't terribly complicated; it is an erotica novel after all. I do hope you enjoy it!

There's the cover! That's a succubus you're looking at. Got it from iStock! Wonderful artist, vectorbomb, check out their work (not sure if it's a guy or a girl, although my instincts tell me vectorbomb's a him.) When I saw it, I wanted to use it immediately, but I didn't know what she was (the thing in the picture); thought she was a vampire with wings. But then I noted the title of the picture, and a succubus is exactly what I wanted. According to legend, they are the daughters of Eve, who evidently slept with a demon after leaving the garden of Eden to bear his children. But, no, the story isn't exactly about a succubus. See, when a succubus slept with a man, she sort of drained his life away. If the guy slept with her enough, it would eventually kill him. But it's not a horror novel, or even a thriller, really; I chose the succubus for the cover more as an analogy. Yes, the succubus is more of a metaphor perhaps in the case of my story. Well... mostly. 

Very erotic, perhaps a bit on the severe side at times, but MAN EATER is about a woman who devours manhood. And, certainly, there are dire consequences in store for the whole world if she is not stopped, but the skulls surrounding the succubus is a bit of a stretch, though not too terribly far off the mark.

Also, it's an urban fantasy, meaning that it's set in present day, not back in the dark ages or anything like that, not a strange fantasy world. Should be easy enough for most to relate to, and again it's doesn't have a terribly complicated plot, although it definitely has one.

It's available on Kindle now and should be arriving in paperback shortly. I hope you like it. I loved writing it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Transfigured by Passion: Re-released!

Hello, loyal readers! Been working hard lately to get my first novel finished, MAN EATER, as well as a new, updated version of TRANSFIGURED BY PASSION. Finished up the second today and submitted it to CreateSpace as well as Amazon Direct Publishing. Should start showing up over the next couple of days on Kindle, and if you're not in the US, over the next couple of weeks.

The new version takes TBP from a novelette to a novella. Yes, I made some updates to the style of my writing, fixed a few loose ends in the plot, and added a whole new chapter to the beginning. All in all I added over 5,000 words to the book.

I created a brand new cover for it too! I love the new artwork, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

As for MAN EATER, I'll be working on that tomorrow and probably finish up on Friday to publish that morning if all goes well. MAN EATER is a full blown novel at nearly 100,000 words, and I'm really looking forward to putting it out there to see how it's received. Please keep your eyes open and check back again in a few days! This ship is about to be put out to sea!